What Is Rakeback?

What Is Rakeback

What Is Rakeback?

Play Poker Online at BetOnlineBefore we begin to talk about what poker rakeback is, you must first learn about how poker rooms earn their revenue.

Whether you are aware of it or not, each and every card room takes a small percentage from each sit ‘n go, multi table tournament, or cash game hand played, called rake.

In sit ‘n go and multi table tournaments, the amount the cardroom takes is clear cut, just take a look at the tournament informational page.

If you see that a tournament has a buyin amount of $100 + $10, this indicates that $100 of your entry fee will go towards the prizepool, but an additional $10 will go straight to the cardroom’s pockets.

Cash game rake works quite differently however. In cash games, every time you play a hand that reaches The Flop (second round of betting), the cardroom will subtly take “their cut” out of the pot, usually between 2.5-6% of the total pot.

So for example, let’s say that two players go all in for $50, equaling a total pot of $100. After the hand completes, one unlucky player will finish with $0, but the other will have around $95, not $100.

While the amount of rake taken by the casino or online cardroom may seem like a pretty small price to pay, these small rake percentages actually provide an excellent source of consistent, substantial, revenue for the cardroom operator.

And although the process of taking rake may go unnoticed by many recreational players, any professional poker player (whether they play online or in a live casino) will tell you that rake can, and will, severely cut into your longterm profits.



The concept of rakeback began in 2004 whereby some online poker sites, or their partnering affiliates, i.e. Rakeback.bz, will return a portion of the cash game rake or tournament entry fees that a player pays back to them as an incentive for them to continue playing on that site.

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In 2015, rakeback deals are hard to come by (especially for poker players in the United States). But for those players lucky enough to get a rakeback deal, like any of the ones shown here on Rakeback.bz, a typical rakeback deal is roughly 25%. This means that for every $100 you rake, the poker site or one of their affiliate partners will credit your account with $25. Even if you play the smallest stakes offered by the site, it is not uncommon for the average joe recreational player to earn at least $100 per month in rakeback from Rakeback.bz!

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As you can see by scrolling through our list of rakeback deals, not all sites offer direct rakeback deals. Many sites offer loyalty programs, which we label as VIP schemes. These loyalty programs reward players on a scaled basis – this means that the more poker you play (presumably at higher limits/stakes) the greater the rewards you’ll receive. So instead of giving out 25% rakeback to all players, VIP programs enable the site to give less rakeback (sometimes 0%) to their least active players, but much more rakeback (sometimes even 100%!) to their grinders.

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In brick and mortar casinos, rakeback deals are (for the most part) unheard of. Instead, most casinos offer “comps”, but these are open to all casino patrons of course, not just poker players. However, some poker room floor managers may open “rake free” tables to players willing to start new tables and play shorthanded until more players join in.

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