USA Online Poker Sites



The current state of USA online poker is quite complicated. When three of the largest USA online poker sites vanished overnight in April of 2011, an event known to poker players simply as ‘Black Friday’,  we were all reminded that the current state of USA online poker is still legally ambiguous. This controversial subject is often considered a ‘grey area’ due to the significant differences between the state and federal regulations aimed towards USA online poker. At the Federal level, there are three laws which are commonly (mis)interpreted that pertain to playing online poker – the Wire Act, IGBA, and UIGEA. And at the State level, while some states have clearly stated that online poker is forbidden (i.e – Washington), a couple states have taken the complete opposite stance and have fully regulated online poker (i.e. – New Jersey, Delaware, Nevada). Furthermore, many states do not even have legislation aimed at online gambling at all. If you live in the United States and are interested in playing online poker, we strongly encourage you to check out our list of the best USA online poker sites above.


Is USA online poker legal?

Although a few states have prohibited USA online poker, there are no United States federal statutes that forbid playing online poker. In fact, the notorious UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006) only addresses the issues of banking in regards to online gambling in general. Furthermore, the UIGEA also implies that United States citizens cannot operate online poker games. As of 2015, USA online poker is completely licensed and fully regulated in the states of Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware.


Can I play USA online poker for real money?

Although you will only find regulated USA online poker sites within the states of Nevada, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland, there are a handful of reputable USA friendly online poker sites that are internationally licensed and regulated. To view a list of the best internationally regulated online poker sites that accept US online poker players, check out this list of USA online poker sites.


What is the most popular USA poker site?

While European online poker sites continue to claim a large chunk of the total online poker market share, a handful of USA online poker rooms are quickly climbing the ranks. In fact, the third largest online poker room in the world is available to USA online poker players, called Ignition Poker.


Why did you exclude Bovada Poker?

Bovada actually sold their poker software, clientele, and resources to a poker site called Ignition Poker in mid 2016. You can read our full Ignition Poker review here, or you can click here to visit their website directly.


Can I play USA online poker using Bitcoin?

Absolutely! Many of the top USA online poker sites allow deposits and withdrawals via Bitcoin. However, since Coinbase (use this link to sign up and we both get $10 in BTC), Circle, and a majority of the top bitcoin wallets do not allow online gambling transactions, we strongly recommend that you first withdraw or deposit your online poker funds to, a ‘third party’ wallet that you can use to quite literally ‘block the chain’ from your primary wallet to the online poker site. For example, a withdrawal from BetOnline Poker should look like this: BetOnline > > Coinbase > Bank Account.


What is the future of USA online poker in the United States?

Numerous states have already taken massive steps towards fully regulating USA online poker – New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware, and Maryland. And a handful of states are interested in following suit – Pennsylvania, California, Michigan, and New York.