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Back in 2006 when Chris Ferguson was still considered “Jesus Ferguson”, the man made a challenge that would forever inspire a new wave of online poker players, called the freerollers. The game theory specialist wanted to prove that through strict bankroll management, some luck, and of course some skill, that he could turn $0 into $10,000, starting of course by grinding freerolls. “I was taking those freerolls dead seriously, because getting money out of them was an essential part of the challenge. I was sweating on the other side praying, ‘Please fold, please fold!’” said Chris Ferguson. After winning a few freerolls and subsequently proceeding to bust his account, Feguson eventually figured out freerolls. “I basically broke even on them and made about $22 from freerolls. I cashed in about one in 10, at about an hour and a half for each, which works out at $0.14 an hour or something stupid, but that wasn’t the point.” Ferguson eventually went on to complete the challenge, but it took the former poker pro nearly eighteen months. To this day, this freeroll challenge stands as one of the toughest poker challenges of all-time.


On August 8th, 2016, famous high stakes professional and Twitch/YouTube personality, Doug Polk decided that he too will attempt to run up a bankroll from scratch. But unlike Chris Ferguson, Doug Polk will be starting his challenge with $100. You can read more about his journey on his training site, Upswing Poker.


What is a freeroll?

A freeroll is a tournament that is completely free to enter, yet pays out the winners in real cash – or some form of virtual currency like coupons, products from their poker store, or with free entry into larger, paid buy-in tournaments. Many believe the term originates from the 1950’s in Las Vegas, when guests would typically be given a free roll of nickels to use on the slot machines upon checking-in. The words were later fused together and expanded to indicate any form of a complimentary gambling bonus [Wikipedia].


Best USA online poker freerolls

Since it is very difficult to decide exactly which USA online poker freeroll is the best, here is a list of all the regularly offered freerolls across all many of the most popular online poker sites. Please feel free to contact us with any and all discrepancies that you come across. While we will do our best to keep the content on this page as fresh as possible, it is entirely possibly that we overlook something!


  • Ignition Poker Freerolls — Although Ignition Poker freerolls do exist, these tournaments are not actually free. The weekly $5,000 Ignition Poker Freeroll actually requires players to obtain a certain amount of poker player points prior to entering the freeroll. Players can only acquire poker points by already playing real money online poker on Ignition Poker first. The site does run special social media appreciation freerolls on occasion, but these promotions are seldom offered. Update: Bovada Poker is set to close on September 30th, 2016. In preparation for the closure, this site is no longer offering a weekly $5,000 freeroll for their customers.


  • Carbon Poker Freerolls — Like in the case with the Bovada freerolls, Carbon Poker freerolls do not run on a consistent basis. The site does however offer freerolls exclusive to their social media followers from time to time. Please note that while Carbon Poker does offer real money online poker to United States residents, they currently are not accepting any new players.


  • / BetOnline Freerolls — Perhaps the best option for USA online poker freeroll players, BetOnline runs a freeroll every hour, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty-five days per year. No matter what time of day, BetOnline freerolls are certainly running. The smallest prizepool is just $10, but a $300 freeroll runs at lunchtime every day. As you can imagine, the bigger freerolls attract a much larger field of players.


  • True Poker / Black Chip Poker / Americas Cardroom Freerolls — Whether you’re just getting started at Americas Cardroom and want to experience the thrill of real money play or looking to take a free shot at boosting up that bankroll On Demand Freerolls are perfect for both. There’s no scheduled start times to worry about. You can think of their On Demand Tournaments as multi-table Sit  & Go tourneys. Instead of starting at a specific time, they begin as soon as 270 players have registered. A new freeroll is posted as soon as the late registration of the previous one ends, and just as soon as the required minimum amount of required entrants registers it begins.  Each tournament allows 30 minutes of late registration so you’re certain to get into the action at any time of the day! Just keep playing  Americas Cardroom’s freerolls all day long, because each time you place in the top 10 of one of them you’ll earn points towards the Americas Cardroom Freeroll Leaderboard in their weekly competitions that runs from Saturday at 00:00 until the following Friday at 23:59, each week. At the end of each competition, we’ll take a look at it and award tournament entries to the top 10 point earners. First place scores $270 worth of tournament entries!


  • Juicy Stakes Freerolls — Juicy Stakes offers their players three freerolls every day (4:30 PM/ 6:30 PM/ and 8:30 PM EST) and the winners get the chance to grab their share of $1,300 every week. Juicy Stakes also offers extra freerolls every month, where winners can win hard cold cash. These special Juicy Stakes freerolls run Monday ($150 prizepool), Tuesday ($150 prizepool), and Wednesday ($250 prizepool) at 10PM EST.


  • Full Flush Poker Freerolls — Full Flush Poker runs freerolls around the clock, but the site is currently having a terrible time processing cash-out requests. At this time we do not recommend you deposit any money onto Full Flush Poker.


Bitcoin Poker Freerolls

Seals With Clubs, a “Bitcoin Only” poker site, is known to offer freerolls on occasion. However, just like in the case with Bovada freerolls, these bitcoin poker freerolls are not exactly free. Instead, players can convert points they’ve earned through playing real money online poker, into freeroll tournament entry coupons.


How to win freerolls

Just like with any tournament, winning a freeroll does require a combination of skill and some luck. That being said, it is not uncommon for players to frequently cash in freerolls, despite the large field sizes. Listed below are some key pointers to take into consideration when you sit down for your next freeroll tournament.


  • Pick On The Passive Players — Now that you are in the money, punish the short stacks looking to climb the pay ladder. You’ll be surprised at how easily they’ll allow themselves to get blinded out.


  • Don’t Bluff — While bluffing is an important concept for real money online poker, in freerolls you’ll quickly learn that bluffing isn’t all that profitable. Instead, just value bet hard when you actually make a hand. You will most certainly get paid off.


  • Play Super Tight Early — The typical nature of the early stages of a freeroll is that people will punt off their entire stack by going all-in preflop regardless of their hole cards and of any previous betting. To combat this, we recommend you tighten up to playing only premium hands – TT+ and AQo+.


  • Keep An Eye Out For “Sitting Out” Opponents — Since losing doesn’t cost you anything, many players will register for a freeroll, but then forget to even play in it. Use this opportunity to steal chips. It is not uncommon for players to get sat with an entire table of sit outs during freerolls on BetOnline!


  • Get Aggressive On The Bubble — You’re playing against players who have $0 in their bankroll and have already committed a few hours trying to get to this point. By this stage of the tournament you should’ve noticed that players are now starting to fold their way into the money. Use this opportunity to chip up by being aggressive. The extra chips you’ll earn now will come in handy later.


  • Don’t Get Cute — The deeper you make it in a freeroll, the more shallow your stack will get. In the late stage of the freeroll, there is good chance that you hold no more than 15BBs. Play smart and only commit yourself when you need to.


Sit n go freerolls

Americas Cardroom is the only site that has freerolls that (vaguely) resemble sit n go’s. Instead of starting at a specific time, they begin as soon as 270 players have registered. A new freeroll is posted as soon as the late registration of the previous one ends, and just as soon as the required minimum amount of required entrants registers it begins.


USA online poker freeroll passwords

Some USA online poker sites will run freerolls with passwords. Information pertaining to how obtain the freeroll passwords is usually outlined in the tournament’s description. In most cases all you’ll have to do is go to the site’s business page on Twitter or Facebook and look for their most recent announcement. also runs freerolls periodically throughout each month. If you’d like to participate in our freerolls, check out our list of currently promotions, and subscribe to our email newsletter in order to receive freeroll passwords straight to your inbox.

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