Mac Online Poker Sites



Can I play for real money on Mac online poker sites?

Of course you can. Although most Mac online poker sites include “Play Money” poker tables for new players looking to learn the game, the vast majority of people playing online poker from a Mac are playing for real money!


How will I know if a site is Mac compatible?

A majority of the most popular Mac online poker sites will place the iconic Apple logo prominently on their website. If you don’t see any Apple signs or logos however, simply get in contact with the site’s customer service team and ask. They will certainly have the answer you are looking for. Alternatively, when you click the site’s “Download Now” button, look to ensure that the downloaded file is a .dmg file. If the file you downloaded is instead a .exe file, then you have accidentally downloaded the PC version of the online poker site.


Are there any differences between a site’s Mac and PC poker software?

In most cases the Mac and PC version of an online poker site are almost entirely identical. A few minor features may vary between the two — i.e. background colors, card variations, or fonts — but on the whole, you will not notice the difference the Mac and PC software.


Can I use the same banking options on Mac online poker sites?

Yes! In fact, I cannot think of a single instance where the banking options will vary between an online poker site’s Mac software, and it’s PC software.


Will I be able to play against PC users?

Yes! Each of the Mac online poker sites listed above integrates players on a Mac with their customers on a PC. There is no segregation, and it is impossible to tell if your opponent is playing on a Mac or PC.


How do I know that I’m downloading a Mac online poker site?

Like we’ve mentioned above, all Mac online poker site software is available to download in the form of a .dmg (Apple disk image) file. If the downloadable file is a .exe (Executable file) then you will not be able to run the application (unless you run a Windows emulator; more on this below).


Why aren’t all online poker sites Mac-friendly?

To get the actual answer to this question, you’d have to ask the CEO of every non-Mac online poker site themselves, but if I had to voice my opinion, I think there are two key reasons. 1) It might cost much more money to produce a quality Mac online poker site software. 2) Despite the booming overall success of Apple Inc., PC computers still rule the worldwide computer market share by a large margin. That being said, it may not be worth the hassle to make a Mac online poker site!


Is it possible for Mac users to play on non-Mac poker sites?

Yes, but there are a couple extra tedious steps you must complete prior to putting your chips on the table. If you don’t mind the hassle, I recommend you download and install a PC emulator like VMware, Virtual Box, or Wine. These program will all run a simulated version of Windows inside of your Mac.