Juicy Stakes Poker Review

Juicy Stakes Poker Review


Rakeback Value: 36% Flat
Rakeback Potential: $650/month
Rakeback Payments: Weekly
Rakeback Rating: ★★★★★

Rakeback Calculation: Dealt
Deposit Bonus: 200% up to $1000

Poker Site: Juicy Stakes Poker
Official Website: www.juicystakes.eu
Industry: Online Poker
Banned States: KY, LA, MO, NJ, WA, MD, NY
Mac Compatible: N/A
Network: Horizon Poker Network
License: Curacao
Deposit Bonus: 200% up to $1000
Bonus Code: Not Needed
Current Payout Speed: View Here
Deposit Methods: Numerous
Payout Methods: Numerous
Legal PC Software: Holdem Indicator
Legal Mac Software: iHoldem Indicator

Max Rakeback Percentage: 36% Flat
Sharkscope Compatible: No
Multi-Tabling Cap: 10+
Rakeback Potential: $650/month
Rakeback Calculation: Dealt
Rakeback Payments: Weekly
Rakeback Races: Weekly
Rakeback Rating: ★★★★★
Currency: US Dollar
Language: English
Email: support@juicystakes.eu
Phone: N/A
Live Chat: Yes
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Juicy Stakes Poker Review

In an effort to alleviate the financial problems created by the previous owners, Juicy Stakes Poker was purchased by Zagox Management in October of 2013. Prior to the takeover, players were experiencing cash out delays that exceeded six months, a waiting period that the new management would not let stand for very long. In fact, Juicy Stakes Poker’s new management was able to put an end to the pay out delays practically overnight. Within days of announcing the site’s new ownership, current players began receiving emails stating that their withdrawals were en route! Today, the traffic on Juicy Stakes is quite low, due in large part to the reputation that the old Juicy Stakes created, but you can be assured that the new Juicy Stakes is operating a safe and reputable cardroom.


Juicy Stakes Poker Review

While Juicy Stakes Poker does offer SNG and MTT games, the vast majority of the action can be found on the NLHE cash game tables. If you take a quick look at the Juicy Stakes lobby, you’ll see that the game client offers cash games ranging from stakes as low as $.01/$.02, all the way up to $10/$20. A majority of the action is played at the $.50/$1 stakes, but $2/$4 runs on occasion as well. Traffic at the $10/$20 is hardly existent.


Juicy Stakes Poker Review

You do not need to use an Juicy stakes Poker bonus code in order to receive our rakeback or a deposit bonus from Juicy Stakes Poker – all you need to do is sign up by clicking on any of the Juicy Stakes affiliate links on this page. Players who sign up via Rakeback.bz using the Juicy Stakes Poker link below will benefit from a 200% – up to $1,000 initial deposit bonus and a flat 36% rakeback deal. The Juicy Stakes Poker deposit bonus clears at a rate equivalent to 20-27% rakeback (depending on which games you play), and is not deducted from your actual rakeback earnings. This means that for the duration of your deposit bonus, you’ll actually be earning around 60% rakeback! Furthermore, the Juicy Stakes Poker rakeback bonus is calculated using the dealt rakeback method, so even if you fold preflop, you’ll still be earning rakeback! Lastly, Juicy Stakes rakeback is paid out every Wednesday straight into your Juicy Stakes Poker balance.


Juicy Stakes Poker Review

1. $4,000 Weekly FPP Race — Every week Juicy Stakes gives away $4,000 to our top FPP collectors. Simply play your favorite games and participate automatically in our weekly FPP Race. The Races will be running from 1st to 7th, 8th to 14th, 15th to 21st and 22nd to 28th every month and the top 100 players will be awarded with their share of $4,000 every week! Please note that rakeback players earn FPP at a 50% rate. The results displayed on the leaderboard may have a delay of up to 48 hours. Prizes will be credited within 4 business days after a race is completed.


2. Three Freerolls Per Day – We are offering you 3 juicy Freerolls every day and winners get the chance to grab their share of $1,300 every week! Simply download our poker software and register a free account at Juicy Stakes.


Juicy Stakes Poker Review

At Juicy Stakes Poker, players have the ability to sign up for a flat, 36% rakeback deal through Rakeback.bz. This rakeback is paid directly to your poker account every Wednesday and is calculated using the dealt rakeback method. Furthermore, no deductions are taken from your rakeback if you are also clearing a deposit bonus or competing in the weekly FPP Race.


Juicy Stakes Poker Review

In addition to the flat 36% rakeback offer available to Rakeback.bz players, everyone on Juicy Stakes Poker is eligible to earn rewards. At Juicy Stakes Poker you can’t throw a brick without hitting a reward program of some kind. No matter what you do, you’ll always be earning some kind of bonus for playing any kind of real money game. Juicy’s Gold Chips, Gold Cards and Loyalty Levels are all designed to put money into your pockets because a wealthy player, is a happy player and we want to make sure you’re happy when playing at Juicy Stakes.


Gold Cards — Awarded randomly to players seated in our real money ring games, Gold Cards are used to enter exclusive high-value tournaments and can even be traded for cash to other players. Just by taking a seat in any of our real money ring games, you’re eligible to receive a Gold Card. As there are no minimum requirements necessary to earn a Gold Card, you may receive one on your first hand, even if you fold! Read more…


Gold Chips — A frequent player reward earned through real money ring game and tournament play. Gold Chips can be redeemed for entry into special tournaments. All players earn Frequent Player Points (FPPs) when playing real money ring or tournament games. At Juicy Stakes Poker, FPPs accumulate to become Gold Chips, which are redeemable for free tournament play. Read more…


Loyalty Levels — Loyalty Levels is our instant rewards program that awards players with cash and Gold Chips for earning Frequent Player Points (FPP) to complete Tiers. Just as there is a designated number of FPPs to earn per tier, there’s a designated number of tiers to complete to advance a level. As you climb through all 50 Loyalty Levels you’ll be completing multiple tiers before advancing, and of course, collecting multiple rewards within each level. Read more…


Frequent Player Points (FPPs) — As we’ve mentioned before, Juicy Stakes rewards are all designed to put money into your pockets because a wealthy player, is a happy player and we want to make sure you’re happy when playing at Juicy Stakes. We’re rewarding our players with frequent player points (FPPs) for all our cash poker ring games and tournaments, as well as select Juicy Casino games. While building up your FPPs, you’ll also be building your player rewards stack including Gold Chips and Loyalty Levels. These unique and innovative reward programs give you access to free play, and access to exclusive cash and seat prize pool tourneys! To keep tabs on your FPPs status and progress towards earning your next Gold Chip, simply check out the Rewards tab when logged in to the Juicy Stakes gaming software. Read more…

Juicy Stakes Poker Review

  • #1 Uninstall The Poker Site If you have previously downloaded the poker site’s software/client in the past, you MUST completely uninstall it now before continuing. If you skip this step you WILL NEVER be able to receive rakeback via Rakeback.bz.


  • #2 Clear Computer Cookies & Cache You MUST completely clear your computer’s cache, cookies, and history before continuing. Whether or not you intended to do so, you may have clicked on someone else’s poker affiliate link in the past! This crucial step ensures that you are tracked to Rakeback.bz, and not to some unknown affiliate.


  • #3 Click On One Of Our Rakeback Affiliate Link Next you MUST click on one of the “Visit Juicy Stakes Poker” buttons shown on this page.  If you are unsure as to why you must do this, please send us an email and we will assist you – or click here to view our rakeback article on the topic.


  • #4 Download The Client & Sign Up Once you click the link that takes you to your preferred poker’s website, you will then immediately create your account and download the poker software/client. Don’t feel like depositing to your account just yet though? Don’t worry, you’ll still be qualified for rakeback later.


  • #5 Confirm Your Account With Us In order to ensure that you are properly tracked to Rakeback.bz, we kindly ask that you email us your new poker account ID# (username) and registered email address. We use this information only to confirm with the poker site that you are indeed tracked to us. Even if something did go wrong, having this information will help us convince the poker site to fix your rakeback tracking.


Already have an account on this poker site, but want to get rakeback added to it? A majority of online poker, fantasy sports, and casino sites do not allow players to transfer their existing accounts from standard accounts to rakeback accounts, or from one affiliate to another affiliate. However, even though the chances of a site allowing a player to be “re-tagged” are slim, it doesn’t hurt to at least ask! For more information on getting your poker account re-tagged with us here at Rakeback.bz, click here.

UPDATE —  January 1st, 2016: Rakeback.bz now offers 36% Juicy Stakes Poker rakeback.

UPDATE — February 1st, 2016: Juicy Stakes will be sending yet another poker player to the 2016 CAPT Seefield Austria Main Event.

UPDATE — May 1st, 2016: New Juicy Stakes Poker promotions. Click here to read about them.