Is Rakeback Legit?

Is Rakeback Legit

Is Rakeback Legit?

Play Poker Online at BetOnlineAbsolutely. It’s a shame that so many people search the internet for an answer to this question every day, because it shows us that there are countless poker players out there who do not have a rakeback deal, or even know what rakeback is for that matter.

Rakeback is simply an online poker site’s rendition of a retail store offering rebates, so it is most certainly a legitimate practice. But just like any other promotion or special offer, some rakeback deals are indeed “too good to be true”. At however, we pride ourselves on our ability to negotiate the best possible rakeback deals with many of the top online poker sites, so if you come across a website offering a higher rakeback deal than ours, proceed with caution.

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There is a very, very good chance that you are being taken advantage of. To be honest, that site is most likely breaking the poker room’s terms and conditions. And if you decide to take their rakeback offer and later your rakeback provider gets shut down, then you are out of luck for that poker site. In fact, you may even have your account closed without compensation as well!  If you have any questions about the legitimacy of a rakeback deal that you’ve come across, let us know and we’ll help you interpret the fine print.

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