Is BetOnline Poker Legit?

Is BetOnline Legit

Is BetOnline Poker Legit?

Is BetOnline Legit?Is BetOnline Poker legit?BetOnline was founded in Rochester, New York back in 1991 by a man known only as ‘Joe Junior’. At the time, Joe Junior’s operation was quite small with only a handful of agents and betting collectors. Despite this, Joe Junior had his door kicked in numerous times by the local police department, but was only charged twice. Exhausted from his frequent encounters with United States law enforcement, after some time Joe Junior moved his bookmaking operation offshore to a small office in Costa Rica. Joe was now ready expand his gambling operation.

In February of 2001, Joe Junior started his first online sportsbook, called BestLinesSports (now defunct). After striking up a deal with a large investment firm in Panama and taking on a couple of established partners (many of whom had already built up, and sold companies similar to that of BetOnline), by 2004 Joe Junior’s once small gambling operation was starting to transform into an international force.


The company’s decision to change to came about in most part due to a competing company, BetOnSports, going out of business in mid 2006. At the time, BetOnSports was one of the largest online sportsbooks that accepted wagers from United States residents, yet closed due to federal indictment charges brought forward by the United States authorities [source]. Amidst the chaos, a critical employee at BetOnSports, named Wagner Dalton, joined the BestLineSpors team. Not only did Wagner Dalton bring experience to his new company, he also brought his client list, agent pay-per-head business, and a flock of well-trained staff from his previous employer.

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Now equipped to become a major competitor in the global online gambling market, BestLineSports made an aggressive move in late 2006 shortly following the United States passing the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). While UIGEA literally caused hundreds of online sportsbooks to close overnight out of fear of prosecution, BestLineSports saw a major opportunity. Wasting no time at all, the BestLineSports purchased the domain name from a company that was struggling to cope financially from the aforementioned effects of the UIGEA.


By April of 2007, had closed, and all existing accounts were migrated over to Under the new name, BetOnline began to advertise heavily across all relevant media channels, they revamped their affiliate program, and upgraded their betting lines and limits. They even attempted to open their betting lines before the largest sportsbooks had their lines published.


In all, BetOnline made a slew of great decisions in their short history – and now they are finally starting to reap the rewards. Once a street corner operation in Rochester, New York run by Joe Junior, BetOnline has now expanded into dozens of markets including poker, horses, live dealer casinos, pay-per-head services, and many others. Even after three of the largest United States online poker sites had their domains seized on April 15, 2011, BetOnline has stood tall and continued growing. In addition to unveiling an elegant online poker room in order to ‘pick up the broken pieces’ that Pokerstars, Full Tilt, and Ultimate Bet had just lost, BetOnline even displayed a banner on their site following the federal indictments saying “We Love Americans” – A gesture that mocked the United States Department of Justice. So to answer the frequently asked question, is BetOnline poker legit? Our answer is an emphatic yes! To read a full review on BetOnline, we encourage you to check out our complete BetOnline Poker review. Don’t have time, just want to get your wager in before the game tonight? Click here to visit BetOnline!

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