How To Get Online Poker Rakeback

How To Get Online Poker Rakeback

How To Get Online Poker Rakeback

Play Poker Online at BetOnlineLike we’ve mentioned in our article about how rakeback works, receiving rakeback is as easy as downloading a poker room’s software. As you may already know, at we insert rakeback tracker codes into our referral links to online poker, fantasy sports, and casino websites – all as a free, additional benefit to you. In fact, many of our rakeback tracker bonus codes are so lucrative that online poker sites do not even advertise our bonuses in fear that too many people will take advantage of our bonuses, and not the general site’s promotions. Sure getting rakeback may seem to be incredibly simple to obtain via, but problems can (and may) sometimes arise. That being said, listed below are a few key things you must do in order to ensure you get tracked to your favorite rakeback site.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send us an email.


#1 Uninstall The Poker Site — If you have previously downloaded the poker site’s software/client in the past, you MUST completely uninstall it now before continuing. If you skip this step you WILL NEVER be able to receive rakeback via

#2 Clear Computer Cookies & Cache — You MUST completely clear your computer’s cache, cookies, and history before continuing. Whether or not you intended to do so, you may have clicked on someone else’s poker affiliate link in the past! This crucial step ensures that you are tracked to, and not to some unknown affiliate.

#3 Click On One Of Our Rakeback Affiliate Link — Next you MUST click on an affiliate link. Our rakeback affiliate links are usually easy to distinguish — i.e. “click here to visit BetOnline” or a big red button on one of our review pages. If you are unsure as to what is/isn’t an affiliate link, please send us an email and we will assist you.

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#4 Download The Client & Sign Up — Once you click the link that takes you to your preferred poker’s website, you will then immediately create your account and download the poker software/client. Don’t feel like depositing to your account just yet though? Don’t worry, you’ll still be qualified for rakeback later.

#5 Confirm Your Account With Us — In order to ensure that you are properly tracked to, we kindly ask that you email us your new poker account ID# (username) and registered email address. We use this information only to confirm with the poker site that you are indeed tracked to us. Even if something did go wrong, having this information will help us convince the poker site to fix your rakeback tracking.

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Already have an account on your favorite poker site, but want to get rakeback added to it? A majority of online poker, fantasy sports, and casino sites do not allow players to transfer their existing accounts from standard accounts to rakeback accounts, or from one affiliate to another affiliate. However, even though the chances of a site allowing a player to be “re-tagged” are slim, it doesn’t hurt to at least ask! For more information on getting your poker account re-tagged with us here at, click here.

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