How Much Rakeback Do You Make?

How Much Rakeback Do You Make?

Play Poker Online at BetOnlineThere is no ceiling to the amount of online poker rakeback you can make. In general, online poker players use rakeback as a way to supplement their actual profits from the poker tables. But in some semi-rare cases, players see that the bulk of their total profits are coming from their rakeback deals via, while only a small portion (if any percentage at all) of their income is coming from actually playing poker.

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when trying to forecast how much rakeback you can make; a few of these factors include:

#1 – Rakeback % – This statistic is the single most important aspect when determining how much rakeback you can make because if you have a 0% rakeback deal, does any other calculation even matter?

#2 – Game Type – What format of poker you play is very critical in determining how much rakeback you will accumulate. By playing cash games, the overwhelming favorite in rakeback generating, you will earn far more rakeback than if you were to play only tournaments or sit ‘n go’s. Why you ask? In cash games, you are paying rake each and every hand you play, but in tournaments and sit ‘n go’s, you only pay rake once (the entry fee), and then you play for hours without paying rake again. This doesn’t mean that you should switch from playing tournaments to cash games though because paying rake isn’t exactly a good thing, and you may find that you are a lousy cash game player. But in general, people who play cash games earn much, much more rakeback.

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#3 – Volume – Aside from the bullet points above, volume is also very critical. Determine how many hands, sit ‘n go’s, or tournaments you intend to play, and you can get a better feel for how much rakeback you can earn. If you know exactly how many tournaments you intend to play, you can actually determine exactly how much rakeback you will make – Ex. 100 MTTs x $1 in Rake Per MTT x .30 = $30 in rakeback (assuming you have a 30% rakeback deal). Unfortunately you cannot do the same math for cash game rakeback forecasting, since you pay different amount of rake for each hand you play. You can still make educated guesses though!

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#4 – Stakes – The most obvious of the bunch, what stakes you play will certainly play a huge role in how much rakeback you earn. This doesn’t mean that you should go and play with more money than you can afford to lose however!

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