How Important Is Rakeback?

How Important Is Rakeback

How Important Is Rakeback?

Play Poker Online at BetOnlineIn this day and age of online poker, there is nothing more important than a rakeback deal. To give you a quick example, imagine that you have learned about two new excellent poker sites; Site 1 and Site 2. If everything about the two sites are identical, except that you’ve learned that Site 1 is offering rakeback to their players – anyone with half a brain is going to choose the first site. After all, rakeback works quite like a discount or coupon does in the real world, and who doesn’t like saving money? Listed below are a few key bullets that emphasize the importance of rakeback:

#1 – Rakeback adds to your win total – It is not uncommon for players to pay close to 10BB in rake per 100 hands. With a rakeback deal, you’ll cut that number down substantially. And if you currently pay 10BB/100 in rake, yet still manage to turn a profit, can you imagine how much more you’d be earning if you had a rakeback deal?

#2 – Rakeback helps cover your losses – Rakeback will help soften the blow of that nasty downswing you just endured. Rakeback, even if you lose at the tables, will still always be paid to you.

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#3 – Rakeback can be easily forecasted – If you know the rake structures at your current poker site – i.e. how much money the site collects in rake from each hand, then you can roughly forecast approximately how much money you will earn in rakeback if you play 100, 1000, or even 1,000,000 hands. Once you see how much money you can make in rakeback, then all you have to do is put in the volume on the tables.


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Rakeback is more important to some than others however. As you can probably infer, rakeback is far more beneficial to someone who can afford to play 20,000 hands per week than it is for someone who only plays online poker on one table at once for around an hour a week. In fact, the people who put in an exorbitant amount of volume are often the same players who have negotiated higher rakeback deals with their site or their affiliate (like a If you are someone who may only play a couple hands a week, while it is a nice added bonus, a rakeback deal may not actually be in your best interest. Sure an extra couple of dollars here and there may help, but someone like you may actually be better off playing on a poker site with super soft tables, rather than a poker site with lucrative rakeback programs. The reason being this – good poker players flock towards the sites with the best rewards, which results in those sites having more difficult games. On the other side of the coin, sites with little (or no) rewards typically have the weakest players, since weak players generally are oblivious to the fact that rakeback deals even exist. So if you do not intend to get on that rakeback grind, the smart move would be to play on the site with the weakest players. Next up we have an article on “How Does Rakeback Work?“. Make sure to check it out if you haven’t already!

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