How Does Rakeback Work?

Hoes Does Rakeback Work

How Does Rakeback Work?

Play Poker Online at BetOnlineReceiving rakeback is as easy as downloading a poker room’s software. At, we insert rakeback tracker codes into our referral links to online poker, fantasy sports, and casino websites – all as a free, additional benefit to you. In fact, many of our rakeback tracker bonus codes are so lucrative that online poker sites do not even advertise our bonuses in fear that too many people will take advantage of our bonuses. Sure rakeback is incredibly simple to obtain via, but there are numerous things to consider when it comes to how rakeback works. Before you sign up at an online poker site and become a rakeback grinder, you should first be able to answer the following three questions. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send us an email.

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How is my rakeback calculated?

A few online poker rooms publicly display the total rake taken from each pot, but hardly any (if any do at all) publicly show how much rake you actually contributed to each pot. Instead, your personal rake is archived in the poker site’s backend system for accounting purposes, and your actual rakeback is determined based off of the sites backend’s rake report (we made this word up, there may be a more appropriate title out there). It is for this reason that we strongly recommend you go out and purchase a poker tracking software application like Poker Tracker 4 or Holdem Manager 2. Both of these applications can show you how much you’ve raked, in real time! While you may not be able to view how much rake you’ve paid publicly (aside from purchasing one of the software packages above), you can typically view the formula in which the poker site calculates rakeback. The two most popular are the Dealt Rakeback Method and the Weighted Contribution Rakeback Method. Below is a brief description of each:

#1 Dealt Rakeback Method – The total rake in the pot is divided evenly amongst everyone dealt cards for that hand. This method benefits players who play a very tight, passive game since you will be earning rakeback even when you fold!

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#2 Weighted Contribution Rakeback Method – A bit more tricky, yet still quite simple, the weighted contribution rakeback method rewards rakeback proportionately to players who were active in the pot. So if you we involved in a heads up pot, you will receive half of the rake, while your opponent will receive he other half. To take this a step further, say you contributed $10 to a $30 pot, and the total rake taken was $3. You will receive one-third of that $3  since you contributed one-third of that $30 pot.

How is my rakeback paid?

While we can all agree that flat, cash rakeback is king, unfortunately very few sites actually give their players this pure benefit. Listed below are two ways in which poker sites give players rakeback:

#1 Flat Rakeback – Easily the best benefit, players will just see a % of their rake deposited directly back into their poker account with zero hoops to jump through.

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#2 Points Rakeback / VIP Program – Arguably the most common rakeback method in today’s online poker rakeback landscape, players receive a portion of their rake via their respective site’s internal currency. You can use these points to enter tournaments, purchase items in the poker site’s store, or hopefully convert them into cold hard cash!

When will I receive my rakeback

Many sites have varying rakeback payment periods. Some sites pay their players monthly, some weekly, and some even pay their rakeback out instantly! If you would like to know when you will receive your rakeback for a particular poker room, please send us an email.

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