Gaelle Baumann Embarasses David Balkin At The 2012 WSOP

Gaelle Baumann Embarasses David Balkin At The 2012 WSOP

The 2012 WSOP Main Event attracted a staggering 6,598 entrants, creating a prizepool of $62,021,200, with the top 666 finishers receiving a payout. Each of the November Nine finishers were guaranteed at least $754,798. The eventual winner, Greg Merson, earned $8,531,853. Two females narrowly missed out on making the final table – French poker pro Gaelle Baumann [featured in video], and Norwegian born Elisabeth Hille. They finished in tenth and eleventh place respectively.

1. Greg Merson ($8,531,853)
2. Jesse Sylvia ($5,295,149)
3. Jacob Balsiger ($3,799,073)

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French poker pro Gaelle Baumann (AJs) fools Australian poker player David Balkin (TT) by hitting a backdoor flush en route to unleashing a crippling blow to the Aussie’s dreams of becoming the 2012 WSOP Main Event Champion.

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