Black Chip Poker Review

Black Chip Poker Review


Rakeback Value: 27%
Rakeback Potential: $5k/month
Rakeback Payments: Weekly
Rakeback Rating: ★★★★★

Rakeback Calculation: Weighted
Deposit Bonus: 100% up to $1000

Poker Site: Black Chip Poker
Official Website:
Industry: Online Poker
Banned States: NJ, NV, WA, DE, MD, D.C.
Mac Compatible: No
Network: Winning Poker Network
License: Kahnawake, Canada
Deposit Bonus: 100% up to $1000
Current Payout Speed: View Here
Payout Speed: 6 Days
Deposit Methods: Numerous
Payout Methods: Numerous
Legal PC Software: Holdem Indicator
Legal Mac Software: iHoldem Indicator

Max Rakeback Percentage: 27%
Sharkscope Compatible: Yes
Multi-Tabling Cap: 24+
Rakeback Potential: $5k/month
Rakeback Calculation: Weighted
Rakeback Payments: Weekly
Rakeback Races: Weekly
Rakeback Rating: ★★★★★
Currency: US Dollar
Language: English
Phone: N/A
Live Chat: Yes
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Black Chip Poker Review

In a move that left many online poker grinders with their jaws dropped, Black Chip Poker abruptly left the Merge Gaming Network on December 3rd, 2012 in order to join the Winning Poker Network. Since joining the Winning Poker Network, Black Chip Poker has helped it grow from the 5th largest USA-Friendly online poker network, all the way up to the 2nd most popular network (as of September, 2015). And contrary to the entire online poker industry, Black Chip Poker’s customer base is actually experiencing a steady incline [Source: PokerScout]. Today, USA residents on Black Chip Poker can play poker knowing that their funds are in very, very good hands.


Black Chip Poker Review

The vast majority of the action on Black Chip Poker lies in the short handed NLHE tables. While Black Chip Poker does in fact offer many of the specialty games including Razz, Stud, and Draw games, it’ll be hard for you to run more than a table or two at a time, even at peak hours. Black Chip Poker offers micro stake tables starting as low as $.01/$.02, but has consistent action at the $1/$2, $2/$4, and $5/$10 range. MTT’s are running at all hours as well. In fact, Black Chip Poker (and the rest of the Winning Poker Network) is the only USA-Friendly site at this time that runs a $1,000,000 Guaranteed tournament. Sit ‘n Go tournaments are incredibly popular too. The Winning Poker Network has consistent action in their newly released Jackpot SNGs. Jackpot SNGs are three handed, winner-takes-all tournaments where the prizepool is determiend via lottery. Sometimes you are playing a standard SNG, but a select few have been lucky to play three handed for over $30,000! You can enter Jackpot SNGs for as low as $1.00, but a good deal of the action is actually at the $30-$40 buy-in range.


Black Chip Poker Review

Players who sign up via using the links from will benefit from a 100% – up to $1,000 initial deposit bonus, whether they enter a Black Chip Poker bonus code or not. The Black Chip Poker bonus clears at a rate of 27.5 Award Points for every $1 in the Black Chip Poker bonus. For every $1 in rake paid in cash, tournament, or sit ‘n go fees paid, 5.5 Award Points are awarded. This means that for every $5 in rake paid, you’ll clear $1 worth of your Black Chip Poker bonus code – i.e. 20% rakeback. This Black Chip Poker bonus code expires after 60 days. Furthermore, the Black Chip Poker rakeback bonus is calculated using the dealt rakeback method, so even if you fold preflop, you’ll still be earning rakeback!


Black Chip Poker Review

Million Dollar Sundays – This $1,000,000 guaranteed MTT is by far the largest tournament available to USA players. How much larger is this tournament than the next largest USA-Friendly MTT you ask? $800,000.00 to be exact. The Million Dollar Sundays MTT has a buy-in of $540 and awards the winner at least $200,000. Furthermore, everyone who makes the final table win be awarded one free bankwire transfer. And did we mention that you can satellite into this tournament for free?


The Beast – Get ready for the most heated and aggressive competition in online poker. The Beast, the world’s first progressive points race that redefined how players get rewarded, is a weekly event that costs absolutely nothing to enter. If you’re hungry for more cash in your pocket every week, you’re going to love The Beast because everyone sitting at any cash table* is now a part of The Beast. There’s no extra jackpot fee. We’re taking care of it. For real. Click here to see the current Beast standings.


Sit N Crush – We are pleased to announce the world’s first weekly progressive Sit & Go race! At absolutely no extra cost, players can earn thousands of dollars in cash PLUS free tournament entries just by playing Sit & Go, On Demand tournaments and JackpotPoker Games. Sit & Go and JackpotPoker players deserve to get in on the action. That’s why Black Chip Poker is digging deep into its pockets and redistributing a part of all Sit & Go fees back to our players. Click here to view the current Sit N Crush standings.


Black Chip Poker Review

At Black Chip Poker, players have the ability to sign up for a flat, 27% rakeback deal. This rakeback is paid direclty to your poker account on a weekly basis and is calculated using the contributed rakeback method. Black Chip Poker rakeback deductions include all bonuses excluding The Beast. In total, Black Chip Poker rakeback players will lose $27 for every $100 won in bonuses.


Black Chip Poker Review

Black Chip Poker sign ups also have the option to enlist in the Winning Poker Networks VIP Program, called the ELITE Benefits Program. This program allows players to convert their hard earned points in for merchandise, electronics, tournament entry tickets (including the Punta Cana Poker Classic), and of course cold hard cash. As a players earn points though, he/she will climb through the ELITE Benefits tiers. At the lowest tier, you will only earn $10 for every 750 Award Points earned. After 5000 Award Points, players will be able to convert 5000 Award Points in for $50. If you can’t tell already, the prizes get larger the more you play (unlike the rakeback plan). In fact, once you reach 200,000 Award Points, the rewards start to get out of hand. The largest milestone is obtained once you reach 1,000,000 Award Points in a year – a cash bonus of $20,000. Tiers reset at the end of each year.

Black Chip Poker Review

  • #1 Uninstall The Poker Site If you have previously downloaded the poker site’s software/client in the past, you MUST completely uninstall it now before continuing. If you skip this step you WILL NEVER be able to receive rakeback via


  • #2 Clear Computer Cookies & Cache You MUST completely clear your computer’s cache, cookies, and history before continuing. Whether or not you intended to do so, you may have clicked on someone else’s poker affiliate link in the past! This crucial step ensures that you are tracked to, and not to some unknown affiliate.


  • #3 Click On One Of Our Rakeback Affiliate Link Next you MUST click on one of the “Visit Black Chip Poker” buttons shown on this page.  If you are unsure as to why you must do this, please send us an email and we will assist you – or click here to view our rakeback article on the topic.


  • #4 Download The Client & Sign Up Once you click the link that takes you to your preferred poker’s website, you will then immediately create your account and download the poker software/client. Don’t feel like depositing to your account just yet though? Don’t worry, you’ll still be qualified for rakeback later.


  • #5 Confirm Your Account With Us In order to ensure that you are properly tracked to, we kindly ask that you email us your new poker account ID# (username) and registered email address. We use this information only to confirm with the poker site that you are indeed tracked to us. Even if something did go wrong, having this information will help us convince the poker site to fix your rakeback tracking.


Already have an account on this poker site, but want to get rakeback added to it? A majority of online poker, fantasy sports, and casino sites do not allow players to transfer their existing accounts from standard accounts to rakeback accounts, or from one affiliate to another affiliate. However, even though the chances of a site allowing a player to be “re-tagged” are slim, it doesn’t hurt to at least ask! For more information on getting your poker account re-tagged with us here at, click here.

UPDATE — September 1st, 2015: We now offer a 27% Black Chip Poker rakeback deal.

UPDATE — March 1st, 2016: The WPN now rated an A+ in our monthly USA online poker payment report.