BetOnline Poker Review

BetOnline Poker Review


Rakeback Value: VIP
Rakeback Potential: $1k/month
Rakeback Payments: N/A
Rakeback Rating: ★★★★★

Rakeback Calculation: Weighted
Deposit Bonus: 100% up to $2500

Poker Site: Betonline Poker
Official Website:
Industry: Online Poker
Banned States: None!
Mac Compatible: Yes
Network: Chico Poker Network
License: Costa Rica
Deposit Bonus: 100% up to $2500
Bonus Code: Not Needed
Current Payout Speed: View Here
Deposit Methods: Numerous
Payout Methods: Numerous
Legal PC Software: Holdem Indicator
Legal Mac Software: iHoldem Indicator

Max Rakeback Percentage: VIP
Sharkscope Compatible: No
Multi-Tabling Cap: 12
Rakeback Potential: $1k/month
Rakeback Calculation: Weighted
Rakeback Payments: N/A
Rakeback Races: Weekly
Rakeback Rating: ★★★★★
Currency: US Dollar
Language: English
Phone: 1-888-426-3661
Live Chat: Yes
Similar Sites: | Ignition Poker

Betonline Poker Review

Originally started in 1991 by a man best known as ‘Joe Junior’, BetOnline started as a small bookmaking business in Rochester, New York under the name of BestLineSports. Shortly following the UIGEA’s signing on October of 2006, many of BestLineSport’s competitors folded in fear of prosecution from the United States Department of Justice. Not only did BestLineSports stand it’s ground, the brand took a risk that many offshore sportsbooks wouldn’t dare to do – they continued to advertise to USA residents. Following UIGEA, BestLineSports doubled down on their operation by hiring a hire-profile CEO, established a world-class affiliate program headed by affiliate guru Simon Eaton, they hired an extremely popular spokesperson in Jenn Sterger, and they went out and acquired the highly-desired BetOnline domain. To further establish their dominance, the reinvigorated BetOnline brand purchased not one, but two other popular sportsbook businesses in April and May of 2012 – and Bet Eagle (a pay-per-head service). Now with an all-star cast of managers and partners, and a massive presence in the online sportbetting world, BetOnline quickly became the incredibly well-known online gambling operation that you’ll find today. In a nutshell, BetOnline has grown from tiny bookmaking business in Rochester, to an online empire in Costa Rica.



Betonline Poker Review

BetOnline may have had it’s fair share of problems in the past, but at this time there are no problems to report on this site. In fact, today BetOnline is among the most popular USA online poker sites – plus they process cashout requests faster than anyone else [source]. Click here to read our full analysis on the question, “Is BetOnline legit?”


Betonline Poker Review

The vast majority of the action on BetOnline Poker lies in the full ring NLHE tables. While BetOnline Poker does in fact offer many of the specialty games including Razz, Stud, and Draw games, it’ll be hard for you to run more than a couple tables at a time, even at peak hours. BetOnline Poker offers micro stake tables starting as low as $.01/$.02, but has consistent action at the $1/$2, $2/$4, and $5/$10 range. MTT’s, including freerolls, are running at all hours as well.


Betonline Poker Review

Players who sign up via using the links from will benefit from a 100% – up to $2,500 initial deposit bonus, whether they enter a BetOnline Poker bonus code or not (but just in case, use the code “NEWBOL”). To claim this bonus a player must email and request the poker bonus code which is advertised in the promotion. Once the bonus is active it will be visible in the “Pending Bonuses” menu option in the poker software. The bonus can take up to 48 hours to be activated, please check your software (My Bonuses -> Pending Bonuses) to check if the bonus has been activated. Any VIP Points generated while the bonus is not yet active will not count towards the play through requirements. Please contact live chat if your bonus has not been activated in the time frame specified. Players have 60 days to release their bonus funds. Any bonus funds not released in this time will be forfeited. This bonus will be released in stages of $5 each. Every time you earn 1,500 Comp points $5 of your bonus amount will be released, until all your bonus funds are released. If a player chooses to make a withdrawal before all the stages are released, any unreleased bonus stages will be forfeited. Each stage will be credited to the player’s account instantly once the required amount of Comp points have been earned. Standard terms and conditions apply. A player needs to email with the relevant bonus code in the subject line and their username in the body of the email in order to receive the bonus. This bonus is valid on deposits between $50 and $2,500. Please allow up to 48 hours for the bonus to be credited. Lastly, a player is only able to receive this bonus once.


Betonline Poker Review

$25,000 Sit ‘n Go Leaderboard – We are giving away $25,000 in cash prizes to players who take part in our Sit ‘n Go Leaderboard Challenge. Earn points for every qualifying Sit ‘n Go you play every month! This Sit ‘n Go Leaderboard is broken down into three separate leaderboards – Gold ($10+ buy-ins count only), Silver ($1.00-$9.99 buy-ins only), and Bronze ($0.05-$0.99 buy-ins only). Both the buy-in price and buy-in fee are included when making this classification, so for example if you enter a tournament that costs $9.50 + $0.95 this tournament will count towards the Gold level as the total cost is $10.45. STT’s not eligible for leader board points: All 1-Up Sit ‘n Go (double of nothing), all Instant all-in Sit ‘n Go’s, all satellite tournaments, any play money tournaments. Points will be reset on a monthly basis and the players that are at the top of the leader boards at this time will be deemed the winners for that month. Click here to find out more.


$80,000 Weekend Guarantee -Your weekends just got a lot more exciting. That’s because the payouts for our Saturday and Sunday guaranteed poker tournaments are more generous than ever. To be exact at least $80,000 worth of guaranteed cash will be up for grabs every weekend. Click here for more info.


Betonline Poker Review

Despite BetOnline’s lack of a true rakeback program, players on the site do in fact have extra incentives available to them. On BetOnline, ‘VIP Points’ are given to players as a reward for playing at the real money tables. Once earned, they can be used as a currency to buy into select tournaments and sit ‘n go’s. They are also used to simplify the bonus structure and can be used to complete the rollover for Poker bonuses. Not enough for you? BetOnline Poker sign ups through can also reap the rewards from our lucrative internal rewards program, a program exclusive to our players. You can click here to learn more about our BetOnline Poker rakeback program.


Betonline Poker Review

Contrary to what you may have heard in the past, there are in fact a handful of BetOnline Poker HUDs on the market. Although the Chico Poker Network is not compatible with PokerTracker 4 or Holdem Manager 2, you will have no issues using BetOnline Poker in co-operation with either Holdem Indicator (PC) or iHoldem Indicator (Mac). Use the previous links to sign up for any of these online poker HUDs and receive a free trial!


Betonline Poker Review

Using Bitcoin is a simple and easy way to fund your account. Just transfer the specified Bitcoin amount from your Bitcoin wallet to our Bitcoin address. You will have 24 hours to complete your Bitcoin transfer – Exchange rates may vary. Please note that players may deposit any amount between $20 and $3,500 onto BetOnline Poker, and can withdraw any amount between $20 and $5,000. For more information on BetOnline Bitcoins please click here. Of course there are dozens of other fantastic banking options available at BetOnline Poker including WesternUnion, MoneyGram, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Check, Bankwire, Skrill, Neteller, and ATM cards (for withdrawals only).


Betonline Poker Review

The two most common complaints are as follows: 1) The poker site’s software is terrible. If you are seated at any less than four poker tables at once, the software will automatically display an equally large blackjack table to the right side of your poker table (one blackjack table for each poker table). This is done in order to entice poker players to gamble their earnings away in the table games while simultaneously playing poker. You have the option to ‘x’ out of the blackjack games if and only if you are seated, and actually playing, at four or more poker tables. In July of 2016, the Chico Poker Network upgraded to a new platform powered by Connective Games. With this new software came a number of enhancements! First BetOnline now offers several new games for players such as: 7 Card Stud, Americana and 32 Card Draw. Other features have been integrated in such as the ever popular Time Bank. If players need a few extra seconds to think about their hand, they can hit the “Time Bank” button. b) Be careful what you are getting into with the BetOnline deposit bonus by reading over the terms and conditions. Every day we see complaints online about people not being able to withdraw their funds from BetOnline. The answer 99% of the time? They haven’t completed their rollover requirements from BetOnline. Be warned, you may have to gamble in the sportsbook or casino in order to fulfill a BetOnline deposit bonus (even if you took a poker deposit bonus).

Betonline Poker Review

  • #1 Uninstall The Poker Site If you have previously downloaded the poker site’s software/client in the past, you MUST completely uninstall it now before continuing. If you skip this step you WILL NEVER be able to receive rakeback via


  • #2 Clear Computer Cookies & Cache You MUST completely clear your computer’s cache, cookies, and history before continuing. Whether or not you intended to do so, you may have clicked on someone else’s poker affiliate link in the past! This crucial step ensures that you are tracked to, and not to some unknown affiliate.


  • #3 Click On One Of Our Rakeback Affiliate Link Next you MUST click on one of the “Visit Betonline Poker” buttons shown on this page.  If you are unsure as to why you must do this, please send us an email and we will assist you – or click here to view our rakeback article on the topic.


  • #4 Download The Client & Sign Up Once you click the link that takes you to your preferred poker’s website, you will then immediately create your account and download the poker software/client. Don’t feel like depositing to your account just yet though? Don’t worry, you’ll still be qualified for rakeback later.


  • #5 Confirm Your Account With Us In order to ensure that you are properly tracked to, we kindly ask that you email us your new poker account ID# (username) and registered email address. We use this information only to confirm with the poker site that you are indeed tracked to us. Even if something did go wrong, having this information will help us convince the poker site to fix your rakeback tracking.


Already have an account on this poker site, but want to get rakeback added to it? A majority of online poker, fantasy sports, and casino sites do not allow players to transfer their existing accounts from standard accounts to rakeback accounts, or from one affiliate to another affiliate. However, even though the chances of a site allowing a player to be “re-tagged” are slim, it doesn’t hurt to at least ask! For more information on getting your poker account re-tagged with us here at, click here.

UPDATE — November 11th, 2015: $198,000.00 Betonline parlay bet missed on last of 19 games.

UPDATE — December 5th, 2015: 21 team parlay hit on Betonline.

UPDATE —  January 1st, 2016: Betonline now offers bitcoin deposits and withdrawals.

UPDATE — January 13th, 2016: Is Betonline legit? Click here to find out.

UPDATE — February 1st, 2016: Betonline gambler parlays $15.00 into $19,656.47.

UPDATE — May 1st, 2016: Chico Poker Network announces new promotions. Click here to read more.

UPDATE — June 29th, 2016: Added list of complaints and HUDs to this review.

UPDATE — July 18th, 2016: Chico Poker Network Updated Their Software.

UPDATE — Sept 1st, 2016: BetOnline now offers a 100% up to $2500 deposit bonus.