8+ Tips For Fixing Ignition Poker Lag, Buffering, And Freezing

Ignition Poker Lag Fixes

8+ Tips For Fixing Ignition Poker Lag, Buffering, And Freezing

If you play on Ignition Poker and have not yet experienced a tilting amount of lagging, glitching, buffering, or freezing, then consider yourself significantly lucky. The constant struggle to stay connected while playing on Ignition Poker first occurred back on January 6th when Bovada (the company that Ignition Poker eventually purchased) decided to update a few (presumably) minor fixes in the software. But for some unknown reason, not only were the minor bugs not fixed, the Bovada Poker software took a catastrophic turn for the worst. And as negative feedback about the update started to flood online poker forums, poker players on Bovada assumed a re-update was looming around the corner.

Maybe the software downgrade was intentional, or perhaps some employee behind the scenes royally screwed up. But whatever the reason may be, Ignition Poker players are now left in limbo praying that they don’t get disconnected while in the middle of a big hand. And as each additional day passes, our hopes that Ignition Poker unveils a new poker client seem to grow smaller and smaller. While the current software situation is not ideal, there are some ways to help reduce the amount of Ignition Poker lag however. Listed below are some of our “Ignition Poker Lag Fixes” tips.


1. Uninstall the software and download it again. Sorry, I just had to include this tip to the list.

2. After you are seated at all of your poker tables, switch the Ignition Poker lobby over to the casino tab. Doing so frees up some memory on your computer since the Ignition Poker client will no longer try to refresh the poker table seating charts. Special thanks to PJB608 on TwoPlusTwo for finding this Ignition Poker lag fix. You can read his original post by clicking here.

3. Uncheck all unneeded lobby filters and settings. If you have no intentions of playing High Stakes, 7 Card Stud, or Fixed Limit, why bother keeping those filters open?

4. Turn off game-play animations (and any other settings that displays animations).

5. Playing on a Mac? Update your computer to the newest operating system. This tip came to me straight from an Ignition Poker representative’s mouth.

6. Handle your Ignition Poker windows with care. Only open and close windows if you really need to. This may sound silly but it really is important that you avoid using the hand replayer and tournament lobby whenever possible. These two features cause players to experience the dreaded “Pinwheel of Death” more than anything else.

7. Change your preferred DNS servers. For more info on how to do this, check out this link directly from Ignition Poker themselves. If you are still having problems changing your DNS servers, watch this YouTube video.

8. Are you playing on Windows 10? TwoPlusTwo Forums user RalphWaldoEmerson spoke with an Ignition Poker support representative and was told the following: “[Go to] Control Panel > search “performance” > adjust the appearance and performance of Windows > advanced > click “change” under “total paging file size for all drives:” > uncheck “automatically manage paging file size for all drives: > check “custom size” and then set both “Initial Size” and “Maximum size” to the figure listed under “Recommended” at the bottom. Then click Set and Ok and restart your comp.” Special thanks to RalphWaldoEmerson for sharing this information. You can read his full comment by clicking here.

9. (Not a tip) For more info on your browser, click this link to see how Ignition Poker views your browser’s configuration and capabilities.

Did any of these “Ignition Poker Lag Fixes” tips help you? If so, which helped get the job done? Also, if you were able repair your Ignition Poker software by using a method not mentioned above, please tell us how you were able to pull it off by emailing us at support@rakeback.bz, or by contacting us directly on Twitter. Your input could just save someone from timing out of a tournament!

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